Instron Corporation

Norwood, Massachusetts
120,000 square feet


  • Site Selection
  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management
  • Relocation Services


After operating at its flagship location for nearly 50 years, Instron Corporation, international manufacturer of materials testing equipment, decided to relocate to new facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts. To deliver the wide range of services demanded by this special program, Instron turned to C.R.E.source for its leadership, experience and property development skills. 


C.R.E.source partnered with Instron for 18 months, serving as their owner’s representative from the early stages of site selection through post-move support. Phase 1 services began with comprehensive due diligence and comparative analysis of three candidate properties. During this phase, we worked closely with Instron’s broker representative, their programming architect and a pre-construction manager. Through our early involvement Instron gained control of the building process and earned lease rights that assured the development would be managed on their terms. We helped achieve a well constructed lease agreement, master schedule, and project control budget, and assembled a project delivery team that shared Instron’s values and commitment to performance. By this time the project had evolved into a complex combination of building renovations, new building construction and special test facility relocation. Performed under the umbrella of Instron’s building lease, the project was executed in collaboration with the landlord and their property representatives, all the time conforming to the strict performance standards dictated by the lease agreement. C.R.E.source provided project management services during the building construction and fit-up, while managing Instron’s furniture procurement, voice/data infrastructure and process equipment installation. After project completion, C.R.E.source procured a mover and equipment rigger and directed the move through an intense five day relocation period.


Instron was successful in relocating to its new home on the planned date, in alignment with their project objectives, and without disruption to their operations. Customer service staff was operating four days after obtaining an occupancy permit and manufacturing was functioning 8 days after shutdown.