Property searches are time consuming and often frustrating for a business executive. As a result, site qualification work is frequently short-cut or delegated. Rating and ranking property solely on published data often misses the physical, contractual and operational factors that affect long-term cost and performance. 

At C.R.E.SOURCE we use an efficient but highly effective process to assure that all factors are identified and incorporated into a comparative analysis called “Effective Occupancy Cost”.

Typical Deliverables: 

  • Site Search Management
  • “Effective Occupancy Cost” Modeling
  • Lease Negotiation

Due Diligence Studies

Many factors come into play for property to perform optimally – the efficiency of the architectural layout, the quality of engineering, the reliability of major systems, the rights and limitations in the lease, the risk relationships in the contract and environmental considerations. In many cases these factors are not thoroughly explored while the tenant has its greatest influence – before a letter of intent is signed. 

At C.R.E.SOURCE we know that the tenant’s leverage must not be minimized and we qualify a property only after every factor is investigated and the impact considered in the decision process. 

  • Leasing Due Diligence Reports
  • Permit Scheduling
  • Vendor Selection

Lease Auditing

In a world of mergers and reorganizations, properties frequently transfer between divisions or companies. In the transition, the in-depth knowledge of property lease conditions may not follow. As a result, landlord obligations may not be enforced, options not exercised, expense increases incorrectly indexed or rentable space improperly measured. 

C.R.E.SOURCE knows the trouble spots and where cost premiums may be hidden. We identify the problems and work on your behalf for savings – future or retroactive. 

  • Lease Audit Reports
  • Lease Challenges
  • Operating Cost Reviews