Effective management of the project team is at the center of any successful project. Typically comprised of business representatives, facility staff, architects, contractors and public authorities, the project team must be continually directed towards its shared goals, while staying poised to accommodate change and manage risk. Using superior leadership skills and proven process management techniques, C.R.E.SOURCE can produce the collaboration necessary for success. Our philosophy for optimum results is to blend what-if thinking with a straight-line management approach. Those divergent practices are successfully merged into a better end product. 

  • Project Implementation Plans
  • Project Control Procedures
  • Program Management

International Project Management

A real estate and facility project in a foreign country adds complexity to a process that is straight forward in a familiar setting. Responding to that complexity takes experience, and the knowledge of technological differences and cultural norms. Achieving collaboration and effective communication across cultures is a C.R.E.SOURCE competency that has developed through years of successful international experience.

  • Project Organization Plans
  • Vendor Sourcing Strategies
  • Project Management

Move Management

Too often the move-in and start-up of a new facility is an afterthought in the urgency to complete construction. This contrasts with the impact that a move has on a business. Efficient execution of a move and smooth operational start-up is frequently the difference between a delighted customer and one who is dissatisfied. Attention to detail and continuous communication are paramount at this stage. C.R.E.SOURCE recognizes those critical ingredients and plans and manages the process around them. 

  • Move Planning
  • Start-up Procedures
  • Facility Management Business Plans