The C.R.E.SOURCE difference is in our delivery.

We understand that today’s business environment is one of continual change and that the urgency to act is persistent. We deal adroitly with that complexity and create a flexible process capable of accommodating change and thoughtful decision-making without compromising the overall goal. 

This difference is evident in the quality and relevance of our deliverables. Whether you are looking for a portfolio study, leasing due diligence, or project management, our results are guaranteed to deliver value – in cost-saving, cost-avoidance, or performance improvement. If the end product does not provide that value, then we work with you until you are fully satisfied. 

The challenges faced by large and small corporations alike are familiar to us. The depth of our multi-national experience and our understanding of how change affects a real estate portfolio allows us to contribute immediately towards your building requirements. 

These commitments to our clients show our service philosophy and operating practices.

  • Listen first and recommend last.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Bring only the Client’s interests to bear on the decision making process.
  • Get maximum value from the clients’ consultants and contractors by creating an environment of collaboration, creativity, accountability and a sense of urgency.
  • Assume nothing.
  • Challenge information from any source before accepting it as fact.
  • Use the most appropriate approach for the situation and never force an answer that doesn’t fit.
  • Deliver value beyond compensation.