The cohesion of business plans and real estate yields a forecast of future location requirements and space demand. By creating that linkage through a long-range planning process, future space constraints and cost premiums can be avoided.

At C.R.E.SOURCE we use simple but reliable models to combine historical records, business forecasts, and intelligent assumptions to generate conclusions that we test for sensitivity and weigh against market realities. Long range planning assignments provide their greatest value in the 2-5 year timeframe where they yield the tactical real estate actions that drive a real estate organization.

Typical Deliverables:

  • Real Estate Action Plans
  • Capital Budgets and Expense Forecasts
  • Consolidation and Disposition Strategies

Portfolio Assessment

Data representing all the properties in a distinct unit (e.g. country, division or corporation) is inventoried, modeled and analyzed. The critical factors influencing cost and performance are thoroughly examined – occupancy expense, lease terms, building utilization, efficiency, location, functionality, flexibility and exit strategies. The result quantifies overall portfolio effectiveness and compares it to an agreed upon or established standard.

At C.R.E.SOURCE we are skilled at interpreting business needs, assessing building performance and translating “bricks and mortar” decisions into terms that senior decision-makers can respond to.

Typical Deliverables:

  • Portfolio Assessments
  • Property Planning Guidelines
  • Asset Performance Reports


To assure that a building portfolio meets ongoing business needs, a periodic analysis needs to be performed. When done effectively, benchmarking can have the single greatest influence on portfolio improvement.

C.R.E.SOURCE can draw on best benchmarking practices, a rich database and a broad-based real estate network to plan and initiate the process. Our extensive experience in process planning, organizational development and re-engineering can turn that information into operational improvements.

Typical Deliverables:

  • Process Improvement Plans
  • Occupancy Standards
  • Organization Re-engineering