EMC Corporation

R&D Expansion Program
Hopkinton, Massachusetts
2,000,000 square feet


  • Project Control Procedures
  • Project Implementation Plans
  • Program Management


To satisfy the growth in its large R&D organization, EMC undertook a massive 2-year $1.0 billion building expansion program. The expansion was confined largely to sites in the company’s headquarters area and was managed by a small group of in-house staff. 


Hired to provide senior leadership to the project management department, it was critical that no operating procedures or professional development activities constrain the building expansion program. Immediately a team environment was established and a management support structure instituted. New control processes, operating procedures and a mentoring program were instituted. In-house training, control reporting and a functional goals program all aided in the department’s continuous improvement. 

The expansion program progressed with great success even while the organization was required to cope with major program changes, including the mid-project conversion of an R&D lab facility into a new corporate headquarters. 

A notable example of the continuous improvement process was the adoption of a web-based project management system. The system was fully implemented with the result of reduced cost and improved communications.